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Global Student Housing in Tokyo

Beyond Books and Borders.

This is the kind of community we want to build.

Don’t tell your parents and professors, but we think off-campus life is equally as important as hitting the books. We want to impact a student’s journey by offering a place to make lasting memories and life-long friendships in one of the most
culturally-fascinating countries in the world.

Hello! こんにちは! 你好! 

We are UNINEST, a globally-minded British-born student housing company! At present, we operate dormitories in a total of 8 countries around the world. Our brand made its way to Japan in 2018 and currently manages two large-scale properties in Tokyo. We strongly believe in the importance of a fulfilling off-campus life, and it is our mission to provide our students with a culturally rich, community-focused, clean, and safe living environment.

Lets's Go!

UNINEST is perfect for people who...

・want to live with the comfort of English support!
・want Japanese to be a part of daily life!
・want to live in a spacious, clean and safe building!
・want to make all kinds of friends outside their campus!
・want to encounter new perspectives, learn from others, and grow as a person!
・want great friends to cook with, talk with, and share their dreams with!