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Global Student Housing in Tokyo

Beyond Books and Borders.

This is the kind of community we want to build.

Don’t tell your parents and professors, but we think off-campus life is equally as important as hitting the books. We want to impact a student’s journey by offering a place to make lasting memories and life-long friendships in one of the most
culturally-fascinating countries in the world.

Hello! こんにちは! 你好! 

We are UNINEST, a globally-minded British-born student housing company! At present, we operate dormitories in a total of 8 countries around the world. Our brand made its way to Japan in 2018 and currently manages two large-scale properties in Tokyo. We strongly believe in the importance of a fulfilling off-campus life, and it is our mission to provide our students with a culturally rich, community-focused, clean, and safe living environment.

Lets's Go!

UNINEST is perfect for people who...

・want to live with the comfort of English support!
・want Japanese to be a part of daily life!
・want to live in a spacious, clean and safe building!
・want to make all kinds of friends outside their campus!
・want to encounter new perspectives, learn from others, and grow as a person!
・want great friends to cook with, talk with, and share their dreams with!

Come Live With Us!



Complete all the paperwork online. Initial payment is simply the first few weeks rent & a one-off ¥20,000 Registration Fee.

Cultural Exchange


Enjoy life with neighbors of many nationalities who study across Tokyo. Maybe it's English today, Japanese tomorrow. Learn languages among friends, and who knows what the future holds!

Move-in Day


Friendly staff will be waiting to meet you & run through everything in English. All the furniture, appliances and bedding are provided, so you're all set to get on and enjoy Tokyo life!

Nourish, Learn


Hungry? Then cook up a storm with friends in one of our spacious kitchens. Nothing beats a meal in great company! Once you're done, study quietly back in your room or a private study room, and enjoy breaks in the comfy shared living spaces!

Warm Welcome


Start your new life with ease with the support of our sociable in-house Resident Assistants. Our bilingual staff members are always happy to help as well!

Be Social


Events hosted by Uninest together with the community are a highlight of daily life here! We'd love if you'd plan your own event here too, with the support of friends and staff, of course!

How is life at UNINEST?


Ms. K.T.

(Hokkaido, Japan)

Coming from far northern Japan, I never imagined I could have the unique experience I am today at Uninest. Had I chosen to stay in my university’s dormitory, my environment would not have diverse flavor it does now. I’m truly glad to be living with Uninest! Speaking of flavor, during my stay, I wanted to take on a new challenge that would give back to my hardworking peers. So, I started my own cooking service called “Totonoi Shokudo”. I can prepare tasty and balanced side dishes in Uninest’s big kitchen. It’s really rewarding for me when my fellow residents enjoy my cooking.


Ms. T.H.


Sharing a home with the Japanese residents here at Uninest, I really enjoy my life every day. I’ve long appreciated the considerate and thoughtful character of Japanese people, and now I love them more than ever. We watch movies and sing karaoke in the dorm’s theater room, and we explore Tokyo together. One girl here has become my first Japanese “best friend”. I would like to create more opportunities for foreign residents to connect with the Japanese residents at Uninest.


Ms. M.Y.


What I like about Uninest is how kind the staff are - their warm greetings as you head out make all the difference. Thanks to my roommate, there's no sense of the loneliness that I expected after leaving home. As my roommate is Japanese, there are days when we speak English, and days when we speak in Japanese. Going between languages, studying becomes part of daily life. It's such a fantastic opportunity to be able to learn in this way. The excellent security, and fact there's no curfew, is brilliant.

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