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Our student residents take on Red Bull Basement!

Red Bull facilitates a vast array of competitions. On this occasion, we are delighted to announce that some of our very own UNINEST Japan student residents will be rising to the challenge and participating in Red Bull Basement, a project launched by Red Bull last year that specifically targets students!

The PR briefing session for this project was held at UNINEST Japan's flagship student accommodation, HAKUSAN HOUSE. Unsurprisingly, our residents - with their lively spirit and sense of adventure - took great interest! We are proud to share that three teams from our community will be participating!

If you're reading this article before 2020/10/29, we ask that you support their brilliant ideas and help give them wings! (*applications now closed)

【What's Red Bull Basement?】

Red Bull Basement is a project that has supported the growth of more than 300 future innovators hailing from 37 different countries, encouraging them to develop cutting-edge ideas that can positively impact the world. It is a global platform focused on bringing ideas that hinge on student technology to life, creating a positive impact on both student participants and communities around the world. Participants are required to produce a short 1-minute video pitching their idea and, following a general vote, national and global judges then select one team of finalists to represent each country. Those selected as national representatives connect with and receive mentorship from international innovators via global workshops - a truly once-in-a-lifetime experience!

【UNINEST Japan Resident Team ①】


Long-distance journeys on public transport can prove rather expensive on a student budget. That's not to mention how exhausted they can leave you, and the inconvenient timetables that must be worked around. Considering this, I would like to provide a new means of transportation called "NORIAI" that solves the issue of long-distance travel. NORIAI is a ride-sharing service that matches students with vacant seats in ordinary cars. First, the student inputs their desired travel date and destination on the app, then searches for a vacant seat that matches their itinerary before placing a reservation. Experience comfortable and inexpensive long-distance travel, and eliminate the difficulty of changing trains and rushing for night buses while hauling a suitcase. With this service, students can travel around or take trips home more easily. On the other hand, drivers can offset the cost of gasoline and highways tolls for long-distance journeys through offering students vacant seats in their cars. NORIAI started with the creation of a Lean Canvas (1-page business plan) in February 2020. After conducting user/problem-solving interviews, the first stage of the web/mobile application prototype was completed. In the future, we plan to use the completed prototype to improve UX/UI, later reaching the product market following MVP development.

【UNINEST Japan Resident Team ②】

- hummingbird

We are looking to develop technology that converts sound into electricity with the aim of moving towards a more sustainable society that makes effective use of the energy around us. Specifically, we will develop a technology that collects sound waves from the air and convert their vibrations into electricity. Essentially, it reverses the mechanism of the speaker. The name of our product is inspired by a fable of a hummingbird, carrying a single drop of water in her beak to the flames. This story tells us the importance of trying everything in our power that we can, even if we can only make a tiny change at a time.

【UNINEST Japan Resident Team ③】

- Let's Study Freely - The New Way Of Learning

I became familiar with the situation of the local education system in the Philippines after participating in overseas training there. I was surprised to learn that most children do not receive a solid education. I believe that the development of this application will enable the provision of quality education to more children. It also has the potential to contribute to SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). Let's develop this idea together.

Here at UNINEST Japan we will be supporting the teams throughout the competition! We ask that you too get involved and vote as much as possible for your preferred pitches!


The competition entry and voting has now closed. Great job by the three teams from UNINEST Japan!

Would you believe it - hummingbird (resident team ②) was selected to represent Japan on the global stage!

We cannot tell you how awesome it that these national representatives hail from HAKUSAN HOUSE! We have proudly observed them work hard to cooperate with fellow residents in order to make this happen.

We hope they and the rest of our community continue to make the most of the supportive environment and take on even more new challenges.

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